Exclusive and innovative service for monitoring the main services of the corporate network and the SD-WAN platform.

C-SX allows you to determine if there is a problem on the corporate network, find its cause, and resolve it, before users notice it.

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How C-SX Works?

We deploy monitoring Bots in your Data Centers and Branch offices to measure Quality of Experience and Quality of Service for the most important services and applications. 

Then we gather their inputs and process it with a state of the art AI Cloud Algorithm to assess the quality of end user experience from any location. 

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To audit a great investment

Your company has deployed an SD-WAN project. But you still receive incident tickets and you’re not sure if the efficiency has improved as expected.

C-SX identifies issues before the users even notice them!

Just “Plug & Play”

C-SX service includes: a complete set of physical robots (for rent) and software bots, to be quickly integrated into your network, in a plug-and-play tool available in Latin America.

Online dashboard, tailor made

The dashboard is accessible to network administrators as necessary, on a fully customizable Cloud platform.

The applications that are monitored and displayed on the dashboard are selected by each network administrator.

And the information can be presented in graphs or tables.

Provide real time information about the SD-WAN performance from the end user point of view.

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