The Solution for a Rapidly Changing Threat Landscape

Cyber360 is a managed service that protects your company while providing:

  • A continuous and holistic cycle of consultant-led cybersecurity assessment
  • Remediation services
  • Vulnerability management
  • AI-enabled monitoring
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… only takes a picture.

A Penetration Test (Pen Test) is an authorized simulated attack performed on a IT system to evaluate its security.

But a penetration test is very much a “point in time” assessment. This is too static for a company security reality which is constantly changing!

includes a continuous assessment.

Cyber360, unlike traditional penetration test, tackles your always changing security posture in order to combat evolving threats with an ongoing program of testing, remediation and management.

How Cyber360 Works?

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Choose your Plan:

Risk Detection

  • Vulnerability Test
  • Accompaniment in Remediation
  • Re-tests
  • Monthly Vulnerability Tests
  • Expert Consultant Hours Package

Risk Protect

  • Based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Protection of personal computers
  • Server protection
  • Aligned with MITER ATT & CK
  • Expert Consultant Hours Package

Risk Management

  • Risk Management Platform
  • Event Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Asset Management
  • Expert Consultant Hours Package

Continuous Security Management

Cyber360 encompasses continuous security management through a holistic managed service that combines human expertise with automated tools.

Frequent Vulnerability Scanning

Automatically track changes that might affect your security posture with minimal effort.

AI-Enabled Endpoint Monitoring

With so many attack vectors Cyber360 allows you to monitor your entire ecosystem so emerging problems can be fixed early.

Remediation Services

Optionally, you can access high-skilled experts to support you on the remediation process.

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