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Why do I need an Omnichannel Service?

Customer expectations are growing every second then every interaction must be personalized, seamless and in tune with the brand.

Our Omnichannel platform is a cloud portal for the centralized and smart management of all the conversations your customers are having with your company: on social networks, messaging platforms and emails.

Multichannel Vs Omnichannel


Many digital channel for Customer Service


Seamless experience for your customers across digital channels

Benefits from a Omnichannel Service

What can be integrated? The channels:







And more!

Popular plans:

Plus License

  • 5 channels
  • Basic Integrations
  • Basic Rules for Automation
  • 8×5 Support

Prime License

  • 15 channels
  • All integrations and Analytics
  • Advanced automation rules
  • 8×5 Support

OmniPlus: WhatsApp Integration

From the Omnichannel Platform you can integrate WhatsApp into your company’s communications and Customer Service strategy:

OmniBot: Chatbots Integration

Chatbots are communication agents, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, to attend requests 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we have a demo for our clients?2020-08-26T21:44:40+04:00

Yes, we have a 15-day trial option.

What channels can be integrated?2020-08-26T21:32:03+04:00

The most popular are: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, Chat, Chatbots, etc.

How is Facebook integrated into Omnichannel?2020-08-26T21:32:07+04:00

Only the messages that are exchanged between the page and the users, through Facebook Messenger.

Is there a minimum license purchase?2020-08-26T21:28:32+04:00

Yes. Two licenses minimum.

What type of Support do you offer?2020-08-26T21:32:29+04:00

There are 2 Omnichannel Service licenses that serve 2 levels of Support according to SLA (Service Level agreement): SLA 8 × 5 (office hours, Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 5 pm) and SLA 24/7 ( 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

What does the Omnichannel Support service include?2020-08-26T21:32:35+04:00

2 types of support: Support service for changes to the platform, such as customization of analytics or channel integration. And also case support for bugs, errors.

Can the Chatbot be purchased separately?2020-08-26T21:34:32+04:00

Yes, check the Chatbot option at the following link: Chatbots

We can help:

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