Specialized micro-cloud to deliver edge functions

Consists in one device, placed on the premises of the client, which provides a micro-cloud, including NFVI. It is capable of executing virtual network functions (VNF) and includes VNF Orchestration capability. It can include Ethernet demarcation capability and bypass capacity in case of failure.

Why uCPE?

uCPE enables the Digital Transformation of services to corporate clients

UCPE’s value proposal for the Telecommunications Operator

uCPE completely changes the game in B2B services

UCPE value proposition for the Subscriber

uCPE implies a differentiator in B2B service quality

CLAdirect’s Proposal

uCPE Integral Solution

It is a platform made for the digital transformation and modernization of an Operator

CLAdirect’s uCPE Services

We are capable of end-to-end, customized, integration for the Operator

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